Every Christian knows the story of the Good Samaritan. But how many of us remember the man on the side of the road who needs attention? Our region is overwhelmed by people on the “side of the road” due to addiction to opioids. We have a choice. Like the religious leaders who ignored the man on the “side of the road,” we can walk on by and pretend the problem and the people don’t exist…or, we can do something about it.

The Holy Friendship Collaborative is a growing, Christ-centered collection of Christian believers in our region (a 22-county area of Southern Appalachia in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia) who are called to come together to share in Holy Friendship with the goal of healing our friends and communities from addiction. We will do this by facilitating collaborations among churches, individual believers, and community organizations; sharing resources and training opportunities; and developing new publications. We also facilitate both proven and new serving opportunities as we love, encourage, and help our friends who are suffering from addiction and who are in recovery.  

The people “on the side of the road” are counting on us!

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Our Mission

The mission of the Holy Friendship Collaborative is to inspire the Church in our region to follow the Biblical mandate to meet people in distress wherever they are and extend to them Christ’s redeeming love. This can be seen in our efforts to mobilize the Christian community to address addiction.

We plan to educate and nurture individuals, congregations, clergy, health care practitioners, and community and health care organizations as we facilitate a “deeper dive” to explore how we can best serve and meet the needs of those suffering from addiction, especially in the midst of the opioid crisis in Southern Appalachia. The Holy Friendship Collaborative leadership has developed a program, in partnership with Duke Divinity School’s Theology, Medicine, and Culture Initiative, in which a trained facilitator will guide interested members of the Holy Friendship Collaborative through the process of Biblical study, prayer, discussion, and discernment, and encourage joining together in “Holy Friendship” to discern and participate in Biblically-inspired ways to promote health, wholeness, and wellbeing, and to care for those who are suffering.