Community Partners

of the

Holy Friendship Collaborative

Application 2019

The Opioid Crisis in Southern Appalachia has affected almost everyone living in this region in some form or fashion, and perhaps you find yourself prayerfully seeking ways you can get involved and help.

The mission of the Holy Friendship Collaborative is “to inspire the church in our region to follow the Biblical mandate to meet people in distress wherever they are and extend to them Christ’s redeeming love.” This can be seen in our efforts to mobilize the Christian community to address addiction.

We plan to educate and nurture networks of individuals, congregations, clergy, health care practitioners, and health care institutions who will join together to discern biblically-inspired ways to promote health, wholeness, and well-being and care for those who are suffering. 

A key component of the Holy Friendship Collaborative 2019 is to build and nurture “COMMUNITY PARTNERS”, consisting of individuals, congregations, and organizations within a finite geographic area to collaborate on initiatives to address addiction in their area. The HFC Regional Project Facilitator will facilitate connections between HFC Community Partners in these collaborative activities.

If your congregation desires to partner and connect with other congregations, groups, and organizations in your community in order to promote and respond faithfully and creatively to the needs of individuals affected by the Opioid Crisis within our region, then…

We invite you to join us as a “Community Partner” of the Holy Friendship Collaborative!

As an HFC COMMUNITY PARTNER, you will have the opportunity to:

• Work with the HFC Regional Project Facilitator to receive help with building connections to local programs, ministries and resources, and facilitation for creating a Community Partnership within your defined geographic location;

• Benefit from the mobilization of the church to provide “additional hands and feet” to support your related ministries, programs, services, and projects to serve those suffering from addiction;

• Enjoy shared resources and training with the members of the Friends, Community Partnerships, and Congregational Cohort throughout the 22 county area of the Holy Friendship Collaborative;

• Connect meaningfully with like-minded congregations, individuals, groups, and organizations serving those who are suffering from addiction;

• Receive up-to-date information on opportunities for education, awareness, training, and service;

• Learn how you can assist other congregations or organizations within the community/region as they seek to implement or replicate similar ministries, programs, and services that have been successful within your own congregation. (Please complete and submit the application on the opposite side of this form.)

In order to join us, please complete and submit the form below. You may also print a physical copy (here) and mail it to:

Holy Friendship Collaborative

1227 Volunteer Parkway

Bristol, TN 37620

Thank you for your interest. You can expect to receive a follow-up contact regarding next steps within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we truly appreciate your prayers for those in our region who are suffering as a result of this Opioid Crisis, and for the Holy Friendship Collaborative as we continue to seek to discern God’s plan moving forward in this very important mission and ministry.

Community Partners Application

The HFC Community Partners will include churches and organizations that can share with others their knowledge and experience with addiction-related ministry AND those that want to RECEIVE that knowledge and experience in order to begin or enhance addiction-related ministry in their church/organization. Please read the list below and let us know where you have expertise to SHARE and where you have eagerness to RECEIVE. This will help the HFC Project Facilitator match churches and organizations in the various defined geographic locations. We are a church/organization that would like to SHARE or RECEIVE with/teach others about our ministry/program related to:
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