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While building the Holy Friendship Collaborative program in partnership with Duke Divinity School Theology, Medicine & Cultural Initiative’s “Reimagining Health Collaborative,” we realized that there is more than one pathway in which we, as churches, organizations, and individuals, may choose to connect and follow going forward. Therefore, we have developed Two Pathways for Involvement in the Holy Friendship Collaborative, each with its own  distinct application process:

1. Congregational Cohort Church (the “Deeper Dive”) – Each participating church must form a Cohort Group, including at least one member of church staff to commit to monthly meetings for 18 months to take this “deep dive” into spiritual discernment using the HFC Conversation Guide. Each participating church must commit to 2 to 4 members (including one staff person) attending the Regional HFC Gatherings with other Congregational Cohort Churches for times of education, sharing, and collaboration.  The number of members of the group is to be determined by each church; HFC recommends groups no larger than 15 to 20, however larger groups will be accommodated.

If your church wishes to partner with other churches in your local community for the Congregational Cohort, this is an option. Each church simply expresses their desire to implement this option to the HFC Regional Facilitator, then signs up online as an individual Congregational Cohort Church. The Regional Facilitator will provide additional support to facilitate the collaborative “Community Cohort Churches” process. Each church will meet separately most months, and then come together for periodic Gatherings with the Community Cohort Churches throughout the process for study, discussion, prayer, and collaboration.

Click here to submit your Congregational Cohort Application.

2. Friends of the HFC – The Holy Friendship Collaborative invites all interested individuals, organizations, and churches who are not participating in the Congregational Cohort to join this pathway. Friends of the HFC will receive a monthly newsletter email, the “HFC Connection”, which contains timely information and updates to keep you informed, educated, updated on events and trainings, and share service opportunities.

Applications for this pathway will also be accepted on an ongoing basis. 


Click here to submit your Friends of the HFC Application.