Regional Project Facilitator

The  Regional  Project  Facilitator  will  coordinate  church  selection,  engagement,  training,  and  planning  of  gatherings  with  guidance  from  the  Project  Management  Consultant  and  members  of  the  consortium.

The  Regional  Project  Facilitator,  after working  collaboratively  with  the  Project  Management  Consultant  and  HFC  Board  to  identify  and  enroll churches  in  the  Holy  Friendship  Collaborative,  will  work  closely  with  participating  congregations  to  envision,  design,  implement,  and  evaluate  endeavors  that  promote  prevention  of,  treatment  for,  and  recovery  from  addiction.  The following activities will be included:

  • Work alongside  the  HFC  board  to  identify  and  develop  potential  congregations  for  participation  in  the  Holy  Friendship  Collaborative
  • Maintain at  least  monthly  phone  or  e-mail  contact  with  the  primary  point of  contact  for  each  congregational  team
  • Report to the HFC board on congregational projects and progress
  • Be available  to  congregations  for   ongoing  consultation/support,  providing  both  content  and  process  support  as  they  envision  and  enact  demonstration  projects
  • Promote HFC’s work to interested groups and congregations,
  • Facilitate each congregational project team to complete three reports:
  1. Pre-collaborative report/assessment
  2. Mid-point Progress Report
  3. Final Project Report


Those  reports  will  be  compiled  into  a  final  report  and  post  audit  that  will  include  a  set  of  best  practices  and  recommendations  for  collaboration  between  congregations  and  health  care  professionals.

Coordinate  with  the  HFC  board  media  relations  committee   on  media  requests,  press  releases,  interviews,  etc.

Monitor  social  media  outlets  and  communicate  with  social  media  managers to  keep  sites  current  and  accurate. Occasional and weekend meetings and extensive daytime travel.  Must have a passion for mission and ministry.    Must have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications.