While building the Holy Friendship Collaborative program in partnership with Duke Divinity School Theology, Medicine & Cultural Initiative’s “Reimagining Health Collaborative,” we realized that there is more than one pathway in which we, as churches, organizations, and individuals, may choose to connect and follow going forward. Therefore, we have developed Three Pathways for Involvement in the Holy Friendship Collaborative, each with its own  distinct application process:

Congregational Cohort (8-12 churches) – Several churches will commit to participate in an 18-month collaborative of churches during which time they will commit to spend time in study and discernment about how their church will address addiction. This will be followed by the implementation of whatever endeavor the congregation decides to pursue. Each congregation will send representatives to periodic meetings of all collaborative churches, the first of which is a “Gathering” in June, with subsequent Gatherings over the next several months. Each congregational cohort will meet and communicate with the Regional Project Facilitator several times throughout the process, and participate in educational activities as they work their way through the program guide.

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Community Partners of the HFC – The HFC Community Partners will consist of individuals, congregations, and organizations within a finite geographic area who will connect and collaborate on initiatives to address addiction in their region. These geographically determined groups are necessary as part of the work of the HRSA grant, and could be defined as a city, county, or groups of more than one cit(ies) or count(ies) working together. These are organizations who are willing to invite others in to share in the work with them, and/or to benefit from their knowledge, expertise, and success. The HFC Regional Project Facilitator will help facilitate connections and education/training/service opportunities among HFC Community Partners in these collaborative areas. Applications for this pathway will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

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Friends of The HFC  – Many individuals have a heart for people living with addiction and desire to begin serving immediately as the hands and feet of Christ, even though their congregation may not currently provide opportunities for engagement. These individuals are encouraged to join as a “Friend of the Holy Friendship Collaborative” in order to make purposeful connections with like-minded individuals and groups within their community and the region for opportunities for prayer, trainings, education, and service. Again, these connections will be facilitated by the Regional Project Facilitator, and opportunities for education, training, connection, and service will be offered. Applications for this pathway will also be accepted on an ongoing basis. 

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